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About Us

I am the Sole Creator of everything you see and experience on RAINBOW Blak LGBTQ Social Networks. I had a vision in 2009 to create a interactive social network with a difference for women of LGBTQ Black Origin, with a creative edge.  Other elements soon followed, but first I had to learn how to build a Social Network from scratch.

My aim is to create a space which is continually evolving through the interaction of its members, and to create a space which documents every aspect of not only Black Lesbian lifestyle but Gay, Bisexual,Transgender, Queer women's lives from around the world.

The purpose of this space is to inform, educate and to empower women all over the world with knowledge about what really goes on in our Black LGBTQ Communities globally. To support women who are struggling with coming out, or just being in the life where loving another woman is not a crime, or something seedy or dirty, but something unique and beautiful.

Being from a creative, therapeutic  & LGBTQ background, my aim is to not only document all aspects of black women's lives, but to provide a therapeutic space for women to utilize, support each other, and to connect with other like-minded women, in order to access useful information which will contribute positively to their lives.

Since launching Rainbow Blak in June 2010,I have worked hard to produce a great site for women to access. Rainbow Blak network is now available on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and on my main site, http://rainbowblak.ning.com/

l also enlisted Terry White as my PR Agent and  Moderator, to help behind the scenes.

The topics featured are as follows;

• Health, Mental Health, Sexual Health, HIV, Cancer, Depression, Addiction
• Sex Between Women, Lesbian Bed Death, First Time Sex
• Relationships-Marriage, Families, Break-ups, Cheating, RB
Singles, Motherhood, Coming Out
• Identity, Labels, FTM'S, Butches, Studs, Femmes, Bois, Butches, Queers, Lesbians,
• LGBTQ Laws, Employment
• LGBTQ Women Making Music, Producers, Artists, RB TV, 1000's of videos
• Black Lesbian Literature, writers, Poets
• Black Lesbian Film Makers, Web Series, Films, Bloggers, Vloggers
• Fashion, Stud & Femmes, Designers, Jewellers
• Black Hair, Barbers, Natural Hair, Hair Care, Hot Hair Trends
• Black Women LGBTQ Business Owners
• Current Affairs, LGBTQ Black news whats happening around the world
• Entertainment, Black LGBTQ Events, LGBTQ Radio aimed at Black Lesbians, Sport, LGBTQ Musicians
• Food Lovers, Vegan, Raw Foods & World
• Chatroom connect with other users

Ms Koffee Brown
Sole Creator & CEO Of Rainbow Blak LGBTQ Social Network For Women Of Black Origin

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